Do Men Like Women With Tattoos?

Courtney Johnson

September 7, 2022

Women with tattoos are attractive for many reasons, whether it be directly tattoo-related or not. Tattoos are a symbol of so much more than they physically represent. They represent many...

The Meaning of Star Tattoos

Courtney Johnson

July 14, 2022

Like the universe, star tattoo possibilities are limitless. Star tattoos are not only visually appealing, but often have varied and deep meanings behind them. The meaning of star tattoos can...

Thinking About a Thigh Tattoo?

Courtney Johnson

June 16, 2022

Thigh tattoos are a bold choice for tattoo newbies and experts alike, while also being easily concealable when necessary. When searching for thigh tattoo ideas for women, there are a...

All About Stomach Tattoos for Women

Courtney Johnson

June 6, 2022

When deciding on your next, or first, tattoo, you might not immediately think of a female stomach tattoo. However, there are many reasons why you should consider a stomach tattoo...

Tattoo Aftercare: How to Care for Your New Ink

Tattooed Women

May 5, 2022

Good tattoo aftercare is essential for any new tattoo. While we don’t usually think of it this way, a fresh tattoo is essentially an open wound. As soon as the...

50+ Shoulder Tattoo Ideas for Women

Tattooed Women

March 18, 2022

Everyone has a different method they go about when choosing where to place their next tattoo. Needless to say, deciding tattoo placement is one of the most important aspects of...

Tattoo Health Benefits

Tattooed Women

February 11, 2022

We all know that tattoos can look amazing. And they can boost your mental health by helping you deal with trauma, work through grief and loss, increase body positivity, or...

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