Thinking About a Thigh Tattoo?

Photo by Giulia Bertelli unsplash

Thigh tattoos are a bold choice for tattoo newbies and experts alike, while also being easily concealable when necessary. When searching for thigh tattoo ideas for women, there are a variety of designs that can fill the thigh area beautifully while still keeping it classy. On that note, here are some cool thigh tattoos for women and some of the best thigh tattoo ideas and designs.

Front Thigh

The front of the thigh presents ample space for big, bold thigh tattoos for women. However, you don’t need to feel pressured to fill that whole space; for example, there are many floral thigh tattoos for women that are small, dainty, and look gorgeous on the upper thigh. That’s the beauty of this area; there are unlimited thigh tattoo ideas that can be beautifully executed in this space. That being said, here are some thigh tattoos that we love for the upper thigh area.

This dragon tattoo covers the front thigh area beautifully.

You can never go wrong with a gorgeous mandala tattoo, front and center.

This stunning butterfly tattoo is elegant and unique.

This red dragon is strikingly beautiful and follows the natural shape of the thigh.

We love this beautifully done lion tattoo.

A simple bundle of wildflowers is a classy and delicate choice for the front thigh.

The coloring and fine detail work in these flowers make them unbelievably realistic.

The front thigh has plenty of space for a big bold skeleton tattoo.

You can’t go wrong with some gorgeous roses.

This sun and moon is another unique and flattering thigh tattoo we love.

These flowers are perfectly executed, and the back diamond compliments her leg shape.

Some elegant font is perfect to run across the front thigh.

 Side Thigh

If you’re looking at inspiration for sexy thigh tattoos for women, the side thigh area is the perfect spot. The side of the thigh is great for a beautiful piece that can follow your natural curvature. For example, it’s common to see thigh tattoos that span from the hip bone down to the side thigh, especially floral or black and grey thigh tattoos for women. That being said, we love these cool thigh tattoo ideas for women located on the side of the thigh.

The insane shading and detail in this tattoo make it looks three dimensional.

This sexy snake tattoo wraps around the thigh perfectly.

The contrast between the elephant and flowers in this thigh tattoo is bold and beautiful.

We love the color scheme of this rose and butterfly tattoo.

We’re blown away by this stunning tattoo, and are loving the pink, black and white coloring.

This snake ink shows how seamlessly thigh tattoos can run up along your leg.

We love the combination of the mandala and roses in this tattoo.

This sunset tattoo is insanely realistic and looks like a scene out of a movie.

This custom mandala fits beautifully on the side thigh, and stands out among the flower tattoos.

You can’t go wrong with a sexy snake on the side thigh area.

We love this simple, unique and feminine thigh tattoo.

This lion tattoo is an absolute masterpiece.

Back Thigh

The back of the thigh may not be your first thought when thinking of thigh tattoos for women and thigh tattoo placement. However, this unique area allows you to rock your gorgeous tattoo without it being front and center on your thigh. A back thigh tattoo with straight, delicate lines, a gorgeous dripping mandala, or even matching floral thigh tattoos for women are all great choices when considering this area. Needless to say, here are some gorgeous back thigh tattoo ideas for women that we love.

Don’t be afraid to get bold and creative with your thigh tattoos, like these two matching ones we love.

This tattoo is clean, beautiful and follows the leg shape perfectly.

These two matching bow tattoos are a cute, yet bold way to turn heads.

This realistic rose fills the back thigh space perfectly.

The detail that went into these almost-identical, matching thigh tattoos is simply breathtaking.

We love the color contrast in this sweet tattoo and how it utilizes the whole back leg.

The back thigh is the perfect place for your favorite font and signature saying.

This sexy mandala tattoo is intricate, fragile and beautifully done.

We love how this bold rose turns her leg into a work of art.

This line and bow tattoo is undoubtedly unique.

The back thigh is a great place to make a sexy statement with some font.

We love how this beautiful mandala continues down to the calf.

Overall, thigh tattoos for women can make you feel sexy, pretty and confident. Furthermore, they can be bold or dainty, big or small, and can land in one of three areas; the front, side or back. Thigh tattoos give you yet another opportunity to express yourself and your body in whatever way fits you best. Whether you’re wanting a subtle or sexy thigh tattoo, there’s plenty of thigh tattoo ideas out there that will be sure to inspire your next ink.


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