Best-Selling Health and Wellness Products

Tattooed Women

October 3, 2022

Here are a some of our favorite best selling health and wellness products all in one spot. Stay healthy and happy. Please make sure to consult your healthcare provider before...

Badass Alternative Full Body Workouts to Try

Carolyn Rousch

February 17, 2022

One of the best-kept secrets of fitness is that what you doesn’t actually matter as much as getting out there and doing it. Sure, if you want to get swole, you might have...

Tattoo Health Benefits

Tattooed Women

February 11, 2022

We all know that tattoos can look amazing. And they can boost your mental health by helping you deal with trauma, work through grief and loss, increase body positivity, or...

Three Great Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief

Carolyn Rousch

September 7, 2021

Have you ever noticed how your breath changes when you’re scared or anxious versus when you’re calm? We naturally take quick, shallow breaths when we’re stressed. When we’re relaxed, our...

The Incredible Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Carolyn Rousch

September 1, 2021

According to the International Institute for Sustainable Development, people around the world drink three billion cups of tea every day. That’s a lot of tea, making it second only to water...

Fitness Tattoo Ideas for Health Nuts

Tattooed Women

August 8, 2021

Staying fit means a lot more than just working out a lot. For many people, it’s a necessary form of self-care. People who take meticulous care of their bodies at...

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