Fitness Tattoo Ideas for Health Nuts

Staying fit means a lot more than just working out a lot. For many people, it’s a necessary form of self-care. People who take meticulous care of their bodies at the gym may also want to add some ink to show their dedication. People get tattoos of books, music instruments, and all of their other hobbies, so why not get a tattoo for the hobby that prolongs your lifespan, according to some research? Below are some fitness tattoo ideas to consider before booking your next tattoo.

Fitness Tattoos
Photo by: Julia Rekamie

Fitness Tattoo Themes


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There are lots of different ways to incorporate your love of working out into a badass design. Barbells are common, but you don’t have to do something basic.


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You can pick words that keep you motivated, the equipment that helps you shine, or even a symbol of how much progress you’ve made from when you first started working out.


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From simple to symbolic, it’s worth giving your fitness tattoo some thought so that you love it for a long time. Below are some fun twists on fitness tattoos.


What keeps you going when you want to give up? Sometimes, mantras help people push through the physical pain so that they can see some gains. Your favorite mantra might be precisely what you need in your next tattoo to keep you motivated when you feel like giving up.


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The above tattoo is an excellent mantra for anyone who loves to lift weights. It could even double as a post-workout toast at the bar. Now that’s the kind of fitness tattoo we love.

Next up is a delicate blackwork barbell piece paired with an inspiring mantra—it makes for a killer one-two combo.

This cute boxer in an American traditional tattoo has us feeling strong and ready for the next match.

Last in this category is the mantra “never weaker.” Love it.

Symbolic Fitness Tattoo Ideas

You don’t have to get a baseball if you like baseball or a super swole toe if you like toe wrestling (which is actually a thing; and yes, it was invented by drunk people). Instead, you can get something less directly related to the kind of workouts you love. This pretty, mehndi-style tattoo is heavy on the yoga vibes.

Here’s another yoga tattoo that’s very subtle, and it has a gorgeous mandala style. You could sub in running, lifting, or anything else, and it would still look as cool.

And lastly, here’s a runner’s tribute to the marathons and other races she completed, done in a vibrant watercolor style.



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Workout equipment is an excellent fitness tattoo idea, especially if you have a specific piece of equipment that you love to work with. Check out this super inspiring barbell and kettlebell combo in a traditional tattoo. Love the body positivity vibes.


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This watercolor bike tattoo with a subtle heart in the background is a lovely piece that shows her enthusiasm for finding fitness on two wheels. It even looks a little bit celestial.

Check out this blackwork birds and barbell forearm tattoo.


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Last on the list is this adorable weightlifter featured in a delicate black and grey design.

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