Tattooed Women

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Tattooed Women is all about real women with real tattoos, and we want to see your ink!!

Use the links below to share your tattoo photos with the community. You can submit images of you and your own tattoos, inkwork that you’ve created as an artist, or photos you’ve taken of others with incredible body art.

Artists and photographers can be any gender, but any photos submitted should focus on women’s tattoos. Photographers may include professionals, amateurs, and even iPhone enthusiasts, as long as you personally took and own the images.

All images are subject to approval by the Tattooed Women team and may be shared in our gallery, on our social media, and in our articles. If we really like what you submit, we may even reach out to feature you on the site!

What will you be submitting photos as?

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Tattooed Woman

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Tattoo Artist

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