2021 Tattoo Trends

2021 Tattoo Trends
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Whether you’re more of the follow-the-trends type or the avoid-the-trends type, you’ll probably want to know the red-hot tattoo trends for the year. Each year, new styles and looks come out of the tattoo world because what surrounds us occupies our minds—and for tattoo lovers, eventually occupies their skin.

What’s New in 2021 Tattoo Ideas

Many tattoo trends are shaped by major events that recently occurred, pop culture, and personal incidents, too. For example, 2021 tattoo trends are already being shaped by the ongoing pandemic, political statements, and more. People were stuck inside for over a year, and they learned a lot about what they want for the future—including ink.

Pandemic-Related Tattoos

The pandemic is permanently etched in our collective memory, and it is showing up in the 2021 tattoo trends, too.


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Our lives changed completely in a matter of weeks, and the fear of disease along with the necessity for social distancing, mask-wearing, and other precautions upended people’s lives. So, expect medical or plague-themed tattoos with people sporting masks throughout this year—and probably some of next year, too.

Memorial Tattoos

So many people experienced loss during 2020 and 2021. As things begin to reopen, people are memorializing their loved ones with ink—which is a healthy way to cope with grief, according to some mental health experts. You can probably expect to see a lot of tribute tattoos.


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Some experts expect cover-up tattoos to be a big part of 2021 tattoo developments. After all, we spent more than a year indoors, giving everyone plenty of time for introspection. People examined what they like about their lives (and tattoos!) and what no longer serves them. It makes sense that the spike in pandemic divorces and breakups will have a knock-on effect of covering up those name or engagement ring tattoos. So, cover-ups are likely to be on the rise.

Tattoos That Are Big in Size and Detail

Other experts have suggested that the next 2021 tattoo craze will involve big tattoos. The idea behind it is that people spent so much time cooped up that they had the opportunity to dream big about what they want for their next ink. Further, people looked death in the eye, and those who survived may feel bolder than ever before.


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So, look out for large, badass tattoos in the future.

Galaxy and Space

Since we were all stuck indoors, it’s natural that our minds wandered to the great beyond and where all of life began. We don’t just want to get outside our houses; we want to get outside our solar system.


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Therefore, experts are betting that you’ll probably see an uptick in space tattoos for a while.

White Ink Tattoos

Most people either love or hate white ink tattoos. But, while they do fade quicker than darker colored ink tattoos, they are certainly distinctive.

So, some are predicting a year of white-ink tattoo popularity.

Spiritual Tattoos


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Since so many folks had close encounters with death, the 2021 tattoo forecast calls for an abundance of spiritual tattoos. Tattoo industry folks have mentioned the close link between a stressful and chaotic year and people drawing close to their beliefs, values, and faiths. Think angels, demons, astrology, crosses, and more—anything to bring better luck and karma to the future year.


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Art-Themed Tattoos


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The pandemic made us all a little bit more creative. We had to develop new ways to spend the winter minus our friends and family, new things to cook for dinner, and different methods for staying in touch. Some believe this creativity will make its way into the tattoo world with crayon tattoos, pastels, and watercolors being another 2021 tattoo trend.


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