All About Stomach Tattoos for Women

Photo by Pipe Gil unsplash

When deciding on your next, or first, tattoo, you might not immediately think of a female stomach tattoo. However, there are many reasons why you should consider a stomach tattoo for women. This location definitely has its perks, such as being easily concealable, and offering specific designs of stomach tattoos for women to cover scars. Needless to say, here is some inspiration and some of the best stomach tattoo ideas for women.

Butterflies or Moths

Due to their symmetrical and detailed nature, butterflies and moths make great stomach tattoos for women. Even more, the stomach area naturally provides a large canvas at the center of your body, creating the perfect platform for a traditional moth tattoo or beautifully detailed butterfly tattoo. Below are some examples of female stomach tattoos that we find beautiful and inspiring.

This butterfly is simple, bold, and beautifully done.

The color combinations in this moth tattoo is absolutely stunning.

Here is another butterfly that perfectly compliments her midsection.

The size, detail, and coloring of this moth tattoo is striking.

The contrast of this piece makes it stand out, while also feeling like it belongs there.


Flowers may be one of the most common tattoo ideas, however, there is a reason why they are popular. Because they are so versatile, a beautiful flower tattoo is a great option for a stomach tattoo for women to cover scars or other unwanted marks. Furthermore, the mix of different shapes, shading, and coloring diverts the eye from any scars or marks to your beautiful ink, making flowers a great female stomach tattoo. Here are some beautiful examples of some women’s stomach tattoos that we love, but keep in mind; the possibilities are endless.

The detail and fine lines of this flower piece make it classy, yet bold.

These stunning roses flow beautifully with the natural shape of her body.

This flower piece really demonstrates how to turn old scars into a beautiful work of art.

Here are some flower stomach tattoos with vibrant color to catch the eye.

This gorgeous cherry blossom shows another variation of a flower tattoo for the stomach area.


If you’re not a flower or butterfly person, a stunning mandala is a great option when looking at stomach tattoos for women. Similar to a butterfly, mandalas are typically symmetrical, and can be strategically placed on your stomach as a complementary focal point of your body. However, mandalas are unique to you, and can be as simple or complicated as you want them. They also make beautiful pieces to add onto down the road. We love these mandalas and the variety they show in size, detail, and location on the stomach.

This bold mandala is perfectly complementary to her shape.

The intricacies and thought put into this mandala makes it uniquely beautiful.

This lotus mandala is simple, beautiful, and perfectly executed.

The artistry behind this stunning mandala is astounding.

We’re big fans of the lines and placement of this tattoo.

 Large Animals or Portraits

The stomach provides a large – somewhat flat – open canvas, making it a great space for big, bold, easily-concealable tattoos. With this location, you can get the big, beautiful bold animal or portrait piece you’ve always wanted without having to commit to showing it all the time, as you would with other locations. If you’ve been looking for big and bold stomach tattoos for women, here is some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

The coloring and contrast of this bold panther tattoo is breathtaking.

The shading and detail in this portrait is stunning.

This bat perfectly complements her stomach and abdominal area.

A bold tiger tattoo can turn your midsection into a masterpiece.

The detail makes it seem that this piece is staring right into your soul.

Dates or Numbers

The surrounding negative space of the stomach area leaves plenty of opportunity to make a statement for women’s stomach tattoos. This location is perfect for those who may not want to commit to a huge bold piece, but still want to make a statement. Even more, this gives you an opportunity to choose a beautiful font to display a year or date that is meaningful to you, in an area that you can either show off or keep secret. We love these stomach tattoos for women because of the variations of font, size and different meanings that will always keep you guessing.

The old-school look of this tattoo is bold and beautiful.

We love the simple outline of this 1971 tattoo worn by Brooke. Read more about her here.

This 1996 tattoo is small, but powerful.

This ink proves that tattoos don’t have to be big and bold to stand out.

This solid black tattoo is simple yet beautiful.

Overall, if you’re planning your next (or first) tattoo, we are big fans of stomach tattoos for women. Moreover, you don’t need to commit to a big bold lion or medusa in the middle of your stomach to get this area inked – there are plenty of simple options, such as a butterfly or standard numbers. Whether you wear crop tops year round, or prefer to stay hidden in a sweatshirt, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous stomach tattoo.

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