50+ Shoulder Tattoo Ideas for Women

Everyone has a different method they go about when choosing where to place their next tattoo. Needless to say, deciding tattoo placement is one of the most important aspects of the process. Moreover, the shoulder is an elegant and bold choice for a tattoo for women, with endless possibilities of different shoulder tattoo ideas. Nevertheless, here are 50+ ideas to inspire your next shoulder tattoo or tattoos, categorized by specific placement.

Shoulder Blade (Scapula) Tattoo Ideas

The back shoulder blade is a beautiful and popular spot to place your shoulder tattoo. Therefore, because of the flat, ample space, large tattoos work well in this area, as well as tattoos with fine details. Even more, the shoulder blade offers plenty of room to get creative, while being easy to cover up if need be. Similarly, your artist can create big, beautiful pieces with captivating color, or detailed black and white pieces – the options are endless. That being said, here are some shoulder tattoo ideas for this area to help inspire your next piece.

This beautiful black flower piece is an elegant addition.

This 3d butterfly tattoo will sure make people do a double take.

The patterns within this hummingbird are so creative and perfectly done.

The flowers in this tattoo flow beautifully with her body shape.

This bold rose is what we mean when we say bold and beautiful.

These two swallows have just a touch of color to bring them to life.

This delicate phoenix shows a smaller, softer side to shoulder tattoos.

The detail and coloring in this flower piece are simply amazing. 

These gorgeous flowers are so detailed they look real on the skin.

The wash of color in this tattoo makes for an ethereal-feeling piece.

This striking shoulder piece really makes flower tattoos look badass. 

These beautiful colors and variety of flowers truly make this tattoo a piece of art. 

This classic rose tattoo fits beautifully on the shoulder blade.

This stunning flower piece proves that shoulder tattoos don’t need to solely be black and white.

This simple, stunning sunflower seems to just melt into the skin.

Shoulder Front (Clavicle) Tattoo Ideas

The front of the shoulder is another great option for a shoulder tattoo for women. To start, this spot is a great choice if you want something long, detailed, or that expands to other parts of the shoulder. Consequently, flower tattoos are a popular choice for this area. Even more, incorporating color into a clavicle tattoo can make it stand out with more expression and detail, while keeping it black and white provides a more classy, muted look. Nevertheless, below are some ideas for female shoulder tattoos located on the shoulder front, or clavicle.

This realistic daisy is dainty and perfect for the front shoulder.

A soft wash of color is a lovely way to compliment your skin tone.

This Chinese dragon sits perfectly in the clavicle area, and is a cool alternative to a flower.

These beautiful pastel flowers really add the perfect amount of color to her fair skin.

This grayscale flower tattoo makes a statement without being overbearing.

A simple quote to outline the collarbone ending at a stunning butterfly is the combination you didn’t know you needed. 

You don’t have to go big and bold on the shoulder, as shown by this lovely row of flowers.

The shoulder front is the perfect setting for a long, delicate floral tattoo with muted color.

The simple lines and fine detailing in this tattoo is sure to turn heads.

Don’t be afraid to use color on your shoulder front, like this watercolor phoenix, to make a statement.

Longer tattoos fit beautifully in this area, as shown by this intricate flower design.

This lip design is a gorgeous example of how rounded tattoos sit perfectly on the shoulder.

This bold, bright rose tattoo uses color to add dimension to the shoulder.

Another example showing that shoulder tattoos don’t always have to be flowers, or be big.

The different shades of pink and red make this tattoo melt right into her skin.

This simple butterfly tattoo is perfectly executed and looks like it could fly off her body.

This colored floral outline is a beautiful alternative to the traditional flower tattoo.

Shoulder Cap (Acromion) Tattoo Ideas

Another area of the shoulder to tattoo is the shoulder cap, also known as the acromion. Moreover, one benefit of this area is that you can easily hide the tattoo if need be, or just as easily show it off. This area, however, does not have as much space available as the shoulder blade or shoulder front. That being said, small, circular pieces such as flowers or mandalas are good options for shoulder tattoos in this area. It is also popular to choose a design that encroaches into the other shoulder tattoo areas. Lastly, here are some women with tattoos located in the acromion area for inspiration.

This mandala inspired tattoo compliments the shoulder area perfectly.

There’s a reason that flowers flow beautifully on this shoulder area.

The draping off of this mandala tattoo is simply exquisite.

The coloring in these flowers is complementary and beautiful.

This sunflower is sure to be a focal point.

Here is another, more colorful take on shoulder cap flower tattoos.

We love the way the leaves wrap around the shoulder.

Another way to diversify your shoulder tattoo; this whimsical dandelion is breathtaking.

This gorgeous floral tattoo is so clean and beautifully done.

This dragon fits perfectly on the shape of her shoulder.

The colors, shading, and details in this piece are to die for.

The shading in this rose tattoo is beautifully done.

This colorful mandala has a beautiful contrast and choice of color.

The detail and dimension in this lily and lace tattoo blows us away.

Another striking mandala tattoo with gorgeous lines and detail.

This bold mandala is perfectly executed.


In conclusion, shoulder tattoos are a great option for many tattoo designs. The shoulder offers three main areas for ink. However, one area may prove more sensical than the other depending on your shoulder tattoo idea. The shoulder presents a beautiful canvas for designs such as flowers and mandalas, that can seamlessly run into other areas of the shoulder. Moreover, there are endless tattooed women with shoulder tattoos to look to for inspiration – those above are just a start.

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