The Meaning of Star Tattoos

Like the universe, star tattoo possibilities are limitless. Star tattoos are not only visually appealing, but often have varied and deep meanings behind them. The meaning of star tattoos can range from a deep love of astrology, to simply aesthetic. Moreover, when you are considering getting a star tattoo, it’s important to take the meaning, style and location of the tattoo all into consideration, so your piece will shine from the inside out. Here is a guide on various star tattoo symbols and meanings, and inspiration from the different ways they are represented.

Symbolism Behind Stars

Stars have long been a representation of many things. A simple star can serve as a sign of guidance, a notation of good work, a representation of light and love, or simply just displaying one’s love of the universe. Furthermore, there is not one simple type of star that exists. So, what do star tattoos mean on a woman? Here are some examples of a variety of stars and their symbolism:

Nautical stars – symbolize direction and guidance, such as for sailors in the years when they needed guidance from the sky. Nautical stars have a very distinct look; they are typically black and white and have a three-dimensional aspect.

Constellation – a collection of stars that holds many different meanings for many different people, and that make up the basis for Zodiac signs. People can be very passionate about their signs and how they interact with other signs, providing a basis for countless star tattoo design possibilities.

Shooting stars – also known as falling stars, are universally known to symbolize wish-making and hoping that your wish comes true. These stars typically represent hope, wishful thinking, and the desire to reach a goal or achieve something special. Let’s be honest – we’ve all wished on a shooting star. 

Pentagram stars – may or may not be representative of satanic beliefs or culture, depending on the cultural beliefs or faith surrounding them. They have, however, become more recently tied with death metal, evil, and magic, and depending on how it’s positioned, can represent balance and protection as well.

After only naming a few, we can see that there is variety among star symbolism, which can translate to the meaning of a star tattoo for an individual.

Stars as Tattoos

Stars, along with butterflies, flowers, and hearts, are a common choice as a tattoo for women. 

Because of their versatility, stars can make a beautiful addition to any part of the body. A small star can sit beautifully on your wrist, foot, ankle, or even neck. Meanwhile, large nautical stars or constellations can look beautiful on the back shoulder, legs, along the arm, or down the back. Depending on the star tattoo meaning, the star(s) may also be incorporated into other tattoos to enhance or complete a piece. 

H2: Different Star Tattoo Meanings

Women with star tattoos may or may not share a similar fascination with stars, however the meaning of a star tattoo will no doubt vary from person to person. That being said, here are some of the more common star tattoo meanings:

Success, ambition: Star tattoos can be a literal representation of being a “star”, or being successful, as well as being ambitious and striving to reach your goals. 

Astrological: Zodiac signs, constellations and astrological star tattoos are a way to symbolize the person wearing that ink. This could mean that the person embraces their Zodiac sign and all that it represents. It could also mean that they resonate with other astrological concepts, signs, or meanings.


Some star tattoos, such as a nautical star, can symbolize guidance and showing you the right path to take. Strings of smaller stars as well can be representative of a path to guide you to wherever you are hoping to go, or whatever you are wanting to find.

Luck, hope: A lucky star or shooting star tattoo is usually representative of hope and luck. Stars, especially shooting stars, are known to be a symbol of hope. There are many beautiful star tattoo designs that can embody wishfulness, hope, and luck. A star tattoo representing a lucky star can also serve as a protector from harm.

Star Tattoo Placement

After deciding on your star tattoo meaning and design, you should consider the importance of placement.

For example, you may find that smaller star tattoos, or an arrangement of smaller stars, fits nicely on the collarbone area, around the feet and ankles, along the wrist or forearm, down the neck, or even on and around your fingers.

You will often see medium-sized star tattoos on different areas of the shoulder, arms, hips, and lower back. Depending on the meaning of a star tattoo, different placement may be more appropriate. These areas, however, are suitable to show off your beautiful star tat.

Larger, bolder star tattoos also have certain locations where they will stand out the best. The back, back of shoulder, alongside the abdomen, lower back, or hips are great options for the location of larger star tattoos. These areas provide enough space for the full range of the star to lay without too much curvature. This is ideal to be able to see the full effect and detail of the ink.

All in all, star tattoos are a beautiful way to represent a variety of meanings. In addition to the meaning, star tattoo placement and design are also important factors for your new ink. The meaning of star tattoos can vary from simply aesthetic, to guidance, hope, and ambition. Smaller star tattoos can be delicate and dainty and can look beautiful in clusters or on their own. Larger, bolder tattoos can look stunning on flat, open areas such as the back. With the variety of star tattoo meanings and designs, there’s no doubt you could find one that means something special to you.


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