The Meaning of Star Tattoos

Courtney Johnson

July 14, 2022

Like the universe, star tattoo possibilities are limitless. Star tattoos are not only visually appealing, but often have varied and deep meanings behind them. The meaning of star tattoos can...

Neck Tattoos for Women: Are They Still Taboo?

Tattooed Women

August 19, 2021

Even as tattoos generally become more acceptable in society, there are some placements that remain controversial among the more conservative set. The neck is one of those places. But neck...

First Tattoo Ideas for Women

Tattooed Women

August 10, 2021

A while back, we asked the Tattooed Women community to tell us about their first tattoos. More than 100 people responded with their photos and stories, showing off ink that...

Tattooed Women Gets to Know Teresa DiMarco

Tattooed Women

May 13, 2021

Teresa DiMarco is a freelance model from Italy with killer style, from her fashion right down to her skin. Recently she sat down with Tattooed Women to tell us a...

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