Tattooed Women Gets to Know Teresa DiMarco

Teresa DiMarco is a freelance model from Italy with killer style, from her fashion right down to her skin. Recently she sat down with Tattooed Women to tell us a bit about herself and the inspirations behind some of her ink.

Hi, Teresa! Thanks for talking with us. Let’s start out with the basics!
Where are you from, and what is your profession?

Hi guys! I come from Italy, I live in a little town near Rome and I’m a freelance tattoo model. I work promoting brands on Instagram and recently I started working again in my family’s company.

How long have you been modeling?

I started modeling almost 5 years ago – not long ago; I started for fun, because since I was a child I always wanted to do it, but it was never possible for various events in my life. But I am one who does not give up and I always try to do what I like in life! So I took advantage of Instagram and Facebook to advertise and start shooting.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe it as very “chameleonic,” in the sense that in reality I don’t have a real style. It varies according to moments, events, situations. I’m a super sportswoman, and there are days that I prefer a track suit to anything else, but at the same time I love super elegant clothes that for me, in contrast to the tattoos, are something unique.

Do you find there are differences between “typical” modeling jobs, versus being a model with a lot of tattoos?

Before yes, but now there is less and less difference between these two types of models. I notice that even the big brands with streetwear collections are approaching the world of tattoos. In fact, we see more and more models walking for big brands completely tattooed, such as for example dear Rick Genest. If I must tell the truth, in our country we are still working on it.

So, let’s talk about your tattoos! How old were you when you got your first tattoo? And what was it?

When I did my first tattoo I was 18 years old, and I got a fairy on my pelvis with my best friend. We saw it in a magazine together and we though, “can we do it?” And as soon as we turned 18 we did it. At the time, they were “in fashion” let’s say, the fairies tattooed above the belly. I liked it and couldn’t wait to get my first tattoo — that’s why I did it.

When did your interest in tattoos begin?

It began when my sister did her first tattoo, a tribal piece on her back and I said to myself, “wow, can I draw my body?” It was amazing for me to think that I could express myself through my skin and my body, because the body is a temple and tattoo are its windows.

I see you have a few different styles – a lot of Traditional, as well as Black & Grey. What drew you to those styles?

Well, let’s say that old school has always fascinated me precisely because it was part of that category of old-fashioned tattoos, as they used to do. And above all my idea was to have the left side of my body in color and the right in black and white.

The geometric heart tattoo on your chest really stands out – what was the inspiration behind that one?

I had seen a drawing on a famous Russian model (Bantik Boy), of this fantastic heart, a little more articulated than mine, but I immediately liked the idea of drawing a heart above my heart… Then, there was a song by a famous rapper from my city, Claver Gold, who in a verse said:

“sopra il mio cuore d’acciaio venne la tua calamita”
(“over my heart of steel came your magnet”)

…and tattooing that heart, I thought of mine, hard and cold, which does not let go of its emotions easily for fear of suffering, tired from some wounds, and afraid of being abandoned. But at the same time I was thinking about when sooner or later my “magnet” would come that would take my fears and my wounds and take care of them.

(Lyric from “Soffio di Lucidità” by Claver Gold)

Tattooed Women Interview with Teresa DiMarco

Do you use the same artist(s) – someone you go to for each style? Or do you collect artwork from many different tattoo artists?

Lately I am always going to the same place: “Inside Tattoo Shop” with Donna Mayla, an internationally renowned tattoo artist from my city. I trust her and those who work with her. But yes, I have tattoos made by other tattoo artists too, 2 in London, 1 in Mykonos. In short, we took a nice ride, me and my skin!

You have an amazing back piece! Is there a story behind it?

No actually, I trusted the tattoo artist a lot. I wanted to do a very large piece on my back that was really a nice design, so I went to her studio one day. The tattoo artist asked me, “what do you want me to do?” and I replied, “here’s my back, do you!” and apparently, I was right to trust her!

Tattoo Model

Do you have any tattoos inspired by or dedicated to someone special in your life?

Yes, I have my parents’ initials, and a king’s crown and a queen on my arm dedicated to my mother and my father – the pillars of my life. In fact, the anchor on my hand is dedicated to my mother. Most of the things I’ve done in my life, is also thanks to them.

And then there are those dedicated to myself of course, the woman I tattooed on my arm is me, plus many others that describe a particular thing that is part of myself, or that has been part of my life.

Do you tend to plan in advance when you get a new tattoo, or do you wait to be inspired in the moment?

Usually as soon as I get the idea of what I want to tattoo, I work it out well both with the tattoo artist and alone to find the best design that could characterize my idea.

The only one I didn’t need inspiration for (which I still have to tattoo due to COVID) is one that represents an old photograph of my father with a poem next to it. He passed away 2 months ago from an illness; he was my only love, that I carry in my heart and on my skin.

Maybe it’s hard to choose — but do you have a favorite piece of artwork? If so, what makes it the most special?

Actually, I love all my tattoos; I don’t have a favorite piece of artwork. Maybe the one on my back, but just because it’s the biggest one.

What’s the most ridiculous question someone has asked you about your tattoos? And what was your response?

The most ridiculous question has been “Are they real?” and I answered “No, they’re made with water, tomorrow they’ll be gone.” But there are so many stupid questions people have asked me, something like: “what If you get tired of them?” and I answered, “if I get tired, I sleep!”

Woman With Tattoos

What is your advice for aspiring tattooed women who would like to get tattooed but are afraid of being judged?

That they must never worry about the judgment of others, because if they think about that, they will never do anything. Whatever you do, people will always have something to say about it, so you might as well do what you want. Judgments unfortunately block people from being themselves.

Do you have any advice for tattooed women looking to get into modeling?

Yes. Try to be yourself as you are. Don’t be a copy of anyone because people like novelty and those who have personality, even in fashion – especially in fashion.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents?

I spend my spare time working out. I like to stay fit, and let off steam — I do a lot of pilates. Besides that I watch many TV series and documentaries, and sometimes I draw.

What is a documentary you watched recently that you can recommend?

I recommend a documentary about Ozzy Osbourne called, “The nine lives of Ozzy.”

Anything else you’d like to share that I haven’t asked about?

Yes, I hope that the day will come when the shop windows, the catwalks and the advertisements of brands such as Dior, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana or even luxury underwear such as Victoria Secret, will be represented by tattooed models. And in reality, not only that – even plus size, small size, and fitness models… because no matter who is buying it, the advertising wants to pass the sales message that an item is made for anyone. Since anyone can buy that type of product, it is right that there are various types of models to sponsor it.

Where can people follow you on social media?

People can follow me on my Instagram page @Theresaadimarco

Lastly, what is YOUR message that you’d like to share with the world? A short quote/message you find empowering or uplifting? Some words that inspire you, that you’d like to pass on to others?

My favorite quote is “what people think of you is their problem, do what you want but do it well.”

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