Hot Dog Recipes that Even Foodies Will Love

Hot dogs are the reigning champs of the backyard food scene, but they aren’t usually at the top of the gourmet food scene. We’re here to change all that. We’ve gathered up a handful of hot dog recipes to help you venture well beyond ketchup and mustard. These recipes are sure to please even the snobbiest foodie at your next cookout.

Hot Dog Recipes
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Inspired Hot Dog Recipes from Across the USA

Is there anything more American than the hot dog? Well, considering that it was invented by Germans and/or Austrians, it’s possible. Still, this summer staple got its “hot dog” name, its ties to baseball, and its firm place in the summer experience, all on US soil. Now, nearly every region of the country has its own classic version, inspired by the local cuisine.

Chicago Dog

The Chicago Dog is a favorite in the Windy City and beyond. A poppy seed bun is loaded up with onions, sliced tomatoes, a pickle spear, and sport peppers, not to mention the classic mustard and relish and a sprinkle of celery salt. Get the recipe from Delish here:

Italian Dog

Invented in New Jersey in the 1930s, the Italian Style Hot Dog piles fried green peppers, onions, and potatoes on top of a deep-fried frank. Healthy? Absolutely not. But delicious? Definitely. Make your own with this recipe from The Food Network:

Cuban Hot Dog

The Cuban sandwich, also known as a Cubano, is a mainstay of Florida cuisine. The Cuban Hot Dog is basically the same thing, but it replaces the sandwich’s typical pork with a sliced all-beef frank. Try it out with this recipe from Country Cleaver:
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Kansas City Dog

The Kansas City Dog gets its inspiration from the city’s rich barbecue culture. It features burnt ends, a generous dash of local barbecue sauce, and a few pickles to top it all off. Get your KC fix with a recipe from Men’s Journal here:

Sonoran Hot Dog

We visit the Arizona desert for our final stop on the mainland, where the Sonoran Dog is a local delicacy. A hot dog is wrapped in bacon and surrounded by ranch-style beans, pico de gallo, and Mexican crema. Try one with Everyday Southwest here:

Hawaiian Hot Dog

Last but not least, we land in Hawaii, where grilled pineapple and teriyaki mayo top a hot dog with the flavors of the islands. As a bonus, this recipe from The Endless Meal offers tips on making these dogs vegan and even gluten-free, something we can’t claim for many of the previous suggestions. Get the recipe here:
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More Next-Level Hot Dog Recipes to Try This Summer

Antoni’s Fancy Hot Dogs

Fans of the Queer Eye reboot on Netflix will recognize this two-in-one recipe from the show’s first season. For a firefighter’s fundraiser, chef Antoni Porowski made two dressed-up dogs: one with honey mustard and pickled carrots and the other spicy chipotle mayo and some crunchy crushed chips. The recipes were captured on the Peachy Jean blog here:

Banh Mi Hot Dog

Banh mi is a traditional Vietnamese sandwich served on a soft baguette. This hot dog-based version features a daikon and carrot slaw, a drizzle of hoisin sauce, a cucumber spear, and a spicy double punch of sriracha mayo and jalapenos. Try it for yourself with this recipe from My Name is Yeh:

Buffalo Hot Dog

Just like buffalo chicken, this hot dog recipe is red hot. It’s drizzled with a blue cheese sauce and finished off with crispy, crunchy fried onions. The recipe comes from the BBC, and you can find it here:

Greek Hot Dog

Last but not least, we present the Greek dog. This surprising Mediterranean twist layers hummus and tzatziki sauce with fresh cucumbers, peppers, and onions for a lighter option. Go for pre-made hummus and tzatziki for a super-easy summer dinner. You can find the recipe at the NeighborFood Blog here:
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