First Tattoo Ideas for Women

A while back, we asked the Tattooed Women community to tell us about their first tattoos. More than 100 people responded with their photos and stories, showing off ink that was decades or mere days old. One thing was clear: there’s something special about your first piece. For anyone wanting to take the plunge but still working out the details, we’ve rounded up some great First Tattoo Ideas for Women to help you choose.

First Tattoo Ideas: What Should You Get?

There are no rules for what your first ink should be. It could be big or small, deeply meaningful, or simply decorative. You might choose an existing design (“flash”), picked from the wall of the shop, or something custom, a piece that’s unique to you.
The options are only limited by your imagination (and maybe your budget or pain tolerance). The Tattooed Women Gallery is a great starting point for inspiration. Save photos of tattoos from our site and others, plus art and other images that speak to you. By doing this, you will curate a personal collection of ideas for your own ink.  First Tattoo ideas for Women are here, get inspired now!
First Tattoo Ideas
Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash

Placement for Your First Tattoo

Right now, your body is a blank slate. You might choose the placement of your first tattoo for artistic or practical reasons. Do you want it to be always on display or easily covered? Do you already have a plan for future tattoos or will you figure it out as you go? Does the meaning of your tattoo change depending on its location? These are good questions while considering first tattoo ideas.
The pain factor is also key. Every tattoo will hurt, but some areas of the body hurt more than others. According to one tattoo pain chart, the forearm, calf, outer bicep, and back (avoiding the spine) are some of the least painful spots to get a tattoo. The armpit, ribs, and ankles are among the worst.

First Tattoo Ideas from Pinterest

To help you build your inspiration collection, we perused the #herfirsttattoo hashtag on Instagram. These are some of the best first tattoo ideas for women we found.
This colorful diamond is tiny, yet bold, tattooed on a middle finger.

This Watercolor ink is a beautiful representation of a mother’s love.

Fine line botanicals are super popular right now, and we love the placement of this piece.

Sticker tattoos are another popular style, and this piece represents the technique nicely.

This simple Monarch Butterfly Tattoo was well executed. These beautiful creatures are now on the endangered species list. Getting something you are passionate about is always a good idea.

Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your first tattoo, like this beautiful leg piece.

We did say there are no rules for your first tattoo. So if you want to get a whimsical deer then go for it! Besides, getting a tattoo of something like this makes the experience even more special.

Some text tattoos feature “Free Spirit” handwriting. Others include a single word. Either way, they can be very personal and meaningful.

By mixing tattoo styles, you might get something totally unique. This piece combines geometric and a beautiful lotus flower.

This black and grey mirror tattoo is exquisitely intriguing.

And remember, your first tattoo can come at any age. You’re never too old for a great piece of ink.

For more inspiration, be sure to check out the Tattooed Women Gallery – and be sure to share your own photos once you get your first ink!