Daniella Mac is a model, beach goer, animal lover and talks tattoos and life.


Daniella talks modeling, her tattoos, and what brings her the most joy in life.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you originally from? What do you do for work?

Originally I am from up North in Ohio. Born and raised on the countryside about 1 hour from Cleveland. Currently, I work as a Barista and part-time do Pet Grooming.

It’s very clear that you absolutely love the beach. Can you tell us more about that, please? 

Yes, so growing up my family and I would vacation down in the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a week. I always looked forward to it. There was always something about the beach that completed me. Little did I know, I would soon move to Florida in my early 20’s!

Tell us how long have you been modeling for? What got you into modeling? Did you have tattoos before modeling or was it the start of your modeling career?

For the past 7 years I have been modeling. Growing up I always felt comfortable around the camera and took photography classes in high school and some college as well. Maybe that’s where my passion for modeling took place. I didn’t have any tattoos before modeling.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo? What is it?

When I was 20 years old when I first got my 1st tattoo. It was a pink hibiscus on the left top side of my chest from tattoo shop called, Sudden Urge. And believe it or not, it was a random urge that came across my mind one day waiting for my sister to pick me up from work.

Legend has it that the hibiscus is a flower worn by women or given to them because of their feminine symbolism.

Sometimes our random urges bring us where we are meant to be! Which tattoos are your favorite? What inspired them?

Honestly I am happy with all my tattoos, but I would say that my most favorite ones are the skulls and flowers.  My love for nature and having my own garden growing up made me always want to cover my body with flowers that wouldn’t ever die and can go everywhere with me. I always been interested in skulls and fossils growing up.

You have a nice mixture of Black & Gray and Color tattoos. How would you describe the theme or style of your tattoos?

For the most part, I guess you can say I wanted balance. I wouldn’t feel balanced if all my tattoos were colored or if all were black & gray. Having a mixture of both makes me feel complete and shows color and contrast of me. My theme and style of my tattoos would be Black & Grey wash with colored realistic theme.

Your leg tattoos are amazing and have so much detail, what was your inspiration behind the art?

Some of my tattoos also come from my favorite songs. “Moth” by Mudvayne was my inspiration. And everything else fell into place. Along with the skulls and portrait face of myself.
Any new tattoos coming?

Oh yes!! I have one tattoo that will be on my right inner thigh. I wanted to take a break and be inspired for new tattoos. Hopefully 2022!

Do you have one specific artist you use or more than one?

Currently, I have a tattoo artist that I have been going to now for 4 or 5 years now since I moved to Florida. Other than my 1st tattoo artist I went to back up in Ohio, I like to stay faithful to one artist that knows my style.

Can you talk about what has been the highlight of 2021 for you? If it’s about making it through a rough patch, what was your final push to get yourself through it?

Right now I am happier knowing that things are slowing going back to normal despite the 2020 pandemic. My family and I got through this together which really helped us get through it all.

What are you looking forward to most in 2022?

Hopefully going to get some new tattoo work on me!

Can you tell us how you would describe your fashion style?

Earthy and Edgy with a touch of Punk Princess. If that makes sense.

Talk about what you like to do and any talents and hobbies that you have?

I love being active and doing outdoor activities. I like going to the gym and listening to music. I also love to dance. I really like to cook and make family dinners together. I also enjoy photography and working with animals.

What makes you happiest in life? Any advice for others?

Being in my own comfort zone in my own element makes me feel the most alive, where I can play my music loud and dance. If you can be comfortable in your own skin alone, you can do anything.

Tell us what you are passionate about and value most in life?

My family is, and always will be, something I value mostly in my life. Of course, my passion for animals and nature is something I will always treasure.

Are there any social causes you care deeply about and wish more people did, too?

Saving all the poor homeless animals. I wish more people would take care of them and not give up on them.

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