Sophisticated Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Tattooed Women

September 12, 2021

Getting a tattoo on your shoulder is a popular placement pick, and it’s easy to see why. Shoulders hit the sweet spot of being work-friendly and easy to show off...

Neck Tattoos for Women: Are They Still Taboo?

Tattooed Women

August 19, 2021

Even as tattoos generally become more acceptable in society, there are some placements that remain controversial among the more conservative set. The neck is one of those places. But neck...

First Tattoo Ideas for Women

Tattooed Women

August 10, 2021

A while back, we asked the Tattooed Women community to tell us about their first tattoos. More than 100 people responded with their photos and stories, showing off ink that...

25 Amazing Inks to Inspire Your Lotus Flower Tattoo

Tattooed Women

June 25, 2021

If you’re thinking about getting a lotus flower tattoo, you’re not alone. With wide, waxy layers of delicate petals, the flower is lovely. It’s also deeply symbolic. Together, these make...

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