13 Badass Halloween Costumes for Women in 2021

Halloween is just around the corner, and you have two options: chill on the couch (like almost every other night for the last year and a half) or throw on a costume and hit the town.

We recommend the second option, but not just any old costume will do. Strong women need strong inspiration, so we’ve rounded up 13 of the most badass Halloween costumes for women that we could find.

Halloween Costumes for Women
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Halloween Costumes for Women Inspired by Real Badass Ladies

Kim Kardashian


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Not just any Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian covered head-to-toe in flowing black fabric at the 2021 Met Gala. There’s something so powerful and alluring about the ensemble, without a single peep of skin showing. It’s bold in a weird way, and we like it.

Britney Spears


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Pop princess Britney Spears has finally won the very public battle to end the 13-year conservatorship, gaining back control over her own life. If she wasn’t already a badass (spoiler alert: she was), she definitely is now. So maybe instead of “Should I be Britney Spears for Halloween?” the question is, “Which badass Britney Spears should I be for Halloween?”

Maud Wagner


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You might have to explain this one, but it’ll be worth it. Maud Wagner was the first known female tattoo artist in the United States. Before meeting her husband Gus, she performed as a contortionist and aerialist with the circus. Gus traded a date for a tattoo lesson, and the rest is history. A strapless dress, a strand of pearls, and your own ink are just enough to become this tattooing legend.



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With a resume and a wardrobe as magnificent as Beyoncé’s, you have any number of costume ideas to choose from. There’s the hoodie and glitter fringe boots from Coachella 2018. Or the yellow dress and baseball bat from 2016’s video for Hold Up. Or the entire Black is King wardrobe. Or, if you are looking for a couple’s costume, her expertly coordinated outfits with husband JAY-Z, as modeled above by singer Ciara and her athlete husband, Russell Wilson.

Simone Biles


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As a gymnast, Simone Biles makes gravity-defying flips and turns look easy. At this year’s Olympics, she also stood up to her critics and the world, normalizing mental health and self-care for athletes. Simone’s status is now full-on badass (as if we had any doubts). With a sparkly leotard and a bow, you can dress as Simone or one of her equally incredible teammates.

Fierce Fictional Ladies to Inspire Amazing Halloween Costumes for Women

Cruella De Vil


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She’s been a beloved villain for decades, but the feature film Cruella offered a whole lot of extra depth to Ms. De Vil’s character. Complex, misunderstood, and fearlessly fashionable, Cruella De Vil meets all the requirements for a phenomenal costume. Bonus points if you have a dalmatian to complete the look.

Wednesday Addams or Morticia Addams


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The antithesis of teen pep, Wednesday Addams is known for dry wit, macabre interests, and long black braids. For a more vampy take on the famous family, you can’t go wrong with the dark glamour embodied by Wednesday’s mother, Morticia. Both are perennial Halloween favorites, and this year should be no exception.

Moira Rose


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No, we’re still not over Schitt’s Creek ending. We’re also not over Moira Rose’s monochromatic outfits and sesquipedalian (aka…multi-syllable) retorts. This lady isn’t demure, and that’s what makes her so amazing. It also makes her really fun to emulate on Halloween and maybe year-round too.

Harley Quinn

Another popular character with multicolored hair and a complex backstory,  Harley Quinn is a little bit of anyone who has fallen too deeply in love and lost a bit of themself along the way. Smart and charismatic, she’s always on-brand with a bold two-toned wardrobe. It’s instantly recognizable and endlessly customizable for a night on the town.

Black Widow or Scarlet Witch


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Marvel’s leading ladies got the well-deserved spotlight this year, with a feature film for Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow) and a TV series for Wanda Maximoff (aka Scarlet Witch). Dress as either character, and you’ll be ready to fight the bad guys and/or address your own vulnerabilities. Both are good.

Rosie the Riveter


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A symbol of feminism straight out of American history, Rosie’s strength and can-do attitude have made her one of the faces of women’s empowerment. Requiring just a little denim and a red bandana, it’s an effortless last-minute costume for spontaneous Halloween fun. And we’re pretty sure a modern Rosie would have a lot of tattoos.

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