How to Rock the Remote Worker Life

Angela Kempf

June 14, 2021

By some counts, a third of people are now remote workers. Once people got a taste of that sweet flexibility, many began hoping that the transition to remote-worker life would...

Do You Know What’s In Your Tattoo Ink?

Carolyn Rousch

June 9, 2021

At one time, the most common way to apply a tattoo was to cut the skin and rub soot into the wound. While a version of these ancient practices may...

Tattooed Women Gets to Know Teresa DiMarco

Tattooed Women

May 13, 2021

Teresa DiMarco is a freelance model from Italy with killer style, from her fashion right down to her skin. Recently she sat down with Tattooed Women to tell us a...

Work Out at Home with these Home Gym Essentials

Carolyn Rousch

May 11, 2021

There are a lot of reasons to love working out at a home: no monthly membership fees or sweaty commutes, no grunting brute hogging the squat rack while bragging endlessly...

Add a Splash of Color with Watercolor Tattoos

Tattooed Women

May 5, 2021

Watercolor tattoos have become super popular over the last several years, and for a good reason. The style mimics the drips, dabs, and blends of watercolor paints for a surprisingly...

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