4 Helpful Tips: Floral Thigh Tattoo for Women

Thigh tattoos for females can be a bold, sexy choice. A floral thigh tattoo for women is a feminine, beautiful choice. These tattoos can hold a deeper meaning, or be purely aesthetically pleasing. They  can be designed to be shown off, or simply as an artistic addition. If you’re considering a floral thigh tattoo, here are four tips to consider before going in for that appointment.

Tip #1: Map Out Your Floral Thigh Tattoo

Because the thigh area has varying amounts of space to tattoo, it’s important to map out how much space your design requires. Preferably, plan this in advance before getting it done. This will help you choose the optimal thigh area for your design. It will also help you avoid any problems down the road when getting more thigh tattoos in that area. Also keep in mind that your tattoo design will look different from different angles, as the thigh is a curved canvas. 

Tip #2: Consider Various Floral Thigh Tattoo Designs

There are an endless variety of flower designs for a women’s thigh tattoo. You may want to explore very common flowers, such as roses or lillies, or more unique flowers, such as bluebells or orchids. Larger, intricate designs often look great on the thigh area. Smaller thigh tattoo designs may be more difficult to see. The thigh area also presents the opportunity for you to show off a unique floral tattoo design with multiple different flowers, an intricate floral arrangement, or a highly detailed single flower to become the focal point of your leg.

Tip #3: Explore Different Areas of the Thigh

You can place a floral thigh tattoo on various areas of your thigh, but it’s important to explore your options to find the spot where your tattoo will look its best. Thigh areas to tattoo include the top of the thigh, inner thigh, outer thigh, and back of the thigh. Different tattoo designs may be more suitable for different areas of the thigh. For example, you most likely would not choose the same tattoo design to go on the inner thigh as you would to go on the top of your thigh, as these areas have different space availability, types of skin, and pain levels.

Tip #4: Color, or Black and White?

Another decision you must make is whether you want your tattoo design in color or black ink. Black ink flower tattoos for women can be simple and elegant. They may blend more into the skin, and stand out less than a bold, colorful floral thigh tattoo. Black ink thigh tattoos look great on all skin tones as well. Meanwhile, colorful floral thigh tattoos for women can be strikingly beautiful. There is an abundance of beautiful, colorful flowers found in nature. However, with all color tattoos, you must also consider fading, and how the coloring compliments your complexion. 

A floral thigh tattoo for women is a work of art, and not just any design will do. The most important aspect of any tattoo is that it is loved by and appeases the wearer. Whether it covers a small or large area, is black or colorful, or has deep meaning behind, a stunning thigh tattoo is a perfect addition to your ink collection. The above tips can help you understand what is important to know before committing to a floral thigh tattoo.