Tattoo Healing 101: Herbs That Will Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Keeping your immune system in the best shape possible is always important, but never more so than when you begin healing from some new ink. Herbs have always been a popular choice in the holistic medicine community, and some herbs even have the science to back up their healing powers. When you begin the process of tattoo healing, keep the herbs below in mind to help you heal as quickly as possible.


By Iarygin Andrii

CBD (the chemical component of marijuana that doesn’t get you high) has many remarkable properties, and helping your tattoos heal is just one of its many benefits. You might have read that it’s great for anxiety or insomnia, but you can use it topically as well. When used for tattoo healing, CBD can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and protect against infection. Since CBD doesn’t contain any THC (the component of marijuana that does get you high), you can find this handy herb nearly anywhere.

Ginkgo biloba

By Istvan

Ginkgo biloba has been in use for centuries, so we’ve had a fair amount of time to gauge its effectiveness. The results are in, and ginkgo can help the tattoo healing process go smoothly. Essentially, ginkgo helps fight inflammation, and newly tattooed skin is nothing if not inflamed. You can find this handy herb in almost any form, from powders to pills to tinctures.

Tea tree oil

By amy_lv

Tea tree oil is one of those magical herbs that seems to help skin out no matter what’s ailing it. Dry skin? Try tea tree oil. Acne? Tea tree oil could help. Itchy skin? You guessed it—tea tree oil to the rescue. And it can certainly help with tattoo healing, as well. Bonus: when you use tea tree oil, you get a side of aromatherapy at the same time.


By jintana

This yellow root doubles as a spice, so you might even be able to find it at your local grocery store. Turmeric is often used in curries and stews and gives your food a gorgeous hue and a peppery, earthy flavor when you cook with it. But even more importantly, turmeric is a healing herb that is especially good for your skin. Specifically, it helps heal wounds and boosts your skin’s natural luster.

Evening primrose oil

By Tatiana Belova

Despite its name, you might want to use evening primrose oil all day long to move your tattoo healing process along. Evening primrose oil is an anti-inflammatory herb that can even fight other skin conditions—like acne or eczema. Topical treatments and supplements are widely available.


By triocean

Chamomile is good for more than just a cup of tea—it can help boost your immune system. In a recent study, chamomile was found to help heal wounds. Plus, it has antibacterial properties to help stave off the dreaded post-tattoo infection. And, it can work in tandem with antibiotics to help subdue antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Mother nature is the best secret weapon to speed up the tattoo healing process

By Arkadiusz

Ensuring that you take all the proper precautions post-tattoo is crucial. And these herbs can help with that. As always, consult your doctor about the dosage, especially if you are on any prescriptions. Remember to do a test patch on your skin with any topical ointments to check for allergies you may not be aware of. The extra time and effort can help you be satisfied with your new art for a long time to come.