(Literally) Spicing Up Your Love Life—With Aphrodisiacs

Spicing Up Your Pandemic Sex Life
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It wouldn’t be a surprise if, during the pandemic lockdown, your love life took a hit. It’s just not very stimulating to eat the same takeout and wear the same ratty sweats day after day, month after month. There’s no spur-of-the-moment nights out dancing, no sexy last-minute beachfront trips, and basically, every last drop of spontaneity has been ripped from our lives—at least, for the moment. Researchers at the Kinsey Institute surveyed thousands of folks, and nearly half said their sex life became less satisfying during the pandemic. So, what can help you with spicing up your love life when you’ve stuck in the same place for months on end? Fortunately, aphrodisiacs are here to rescue your libido.

Where Did My Libido Go?

Spicing Up Your Pandemic Sex Life: A How-To Guide
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If you’re not feeling as DTF as you usually do, there’s some psychology behind why. First and foremost, anxiety is a well-known arousal killer. That’s because when your mind is overwhelmed by ruminations and legitimate worries, you can’t get into your body, which is where you need to be in order to focus on sex. In fact, some cases of erectile dysfunction are purely related to anxiety. And guess what? Pandemics are known to cause a spike in anxiety in just about anyone with a pulse. Worse yet, many of our usual techniques for decreasing stress, like seeing our friends, heading for a sweaty session at the gym or yoga studio, and looking forward to plans with loved ones, are off the table for the foreseeable future. Honestly, if you’re not spiraling right now, you’re doing pretty well.

Strangely, the pandemic seemed to manifest in two opposite ways in the bedroom. Some people are more aroused than ever, and others may feel that sex is the furthest thing from their minds. But aphrodisiacs can positively affect people who are at either end of the arousal spectrum.

Some Aphrodisiacs to Help You Get Started Spicing Up Your Love Life

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, were separated from your partner due to quarantine, or were locked down with them—aphrodisiacs can help boost your sexual appetite. At the very least, it will break up the sexual routine you’ve likely gotten into. And, as a bonus, the more you invest in your erotic side, the less anxiety can rear its ugly head. Try the ideas listed below to get you back into your bedroom for reasons other than a stress nap.


Aphrodisiacs for Spicing Up Your Pandemic Sex Life
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Rich in zinc, oysters help people of any gender produce testosterone, which is necessary for a happy, healthy sex life. Plus, they’re fun to eat. Order the freshest ones you can; one small silver lining of the pandemic is that food delivery from just about anywhere is much easier now than ever before. Next, try feeding each other! You guys will be ready to shuck each other in no time at all.

Anyone who doesn’t love seafood could eat beef, beans, or oatmeal instead to up their zinc intake. But keep in mind that it won’t be as explicitly shaped, and that means it will be slightly less fun.


Nutmeg: Spice Up Your Sex Life
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Nutmeg, widely available and easy to find, is another scientifically proven aphrodisiac. It helps treat male sexual disorders, and better yet, it tastes great in hot cocoa, eggnog, pancakes, fruit, and some pasta sauces.


Saffron as an Aphrodisiac
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Pretty and tasty, saffron is a time-tested aphrodisiac from ancient times. It’s the spice that will quite literally help you to start spicing up your pandemic love life. It reliably reduces sexual dysfunction in men and women, and it’s easy to cook with. Plus, saffron doesn’t just taste great; it will also add lively color and aroma to any stew, curry, or risotto you add it to.


Ginseng is good for your body for many reasons: it’s anti-inflammatory, filled with antioxidants, and can boost your immune system. But it could perk you up sexually, too. Not only can it help with erectile dysfunction, but it also affects the dopamine system, which can help anyone get in the mood. Ginseng is often available in supplement form, tea, or concentrated powders.


Aphrodisiacs: Spicing Up Your Pandemic Sex Life
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Though thorough research on its effects on humans is currently limited, maca has been shown to improve sexual function in people who suffer from low libido. Maca is a root that is ubiquitous within South American diets. Bonus: it has a pretty extensive nutritional resume, with plenty of fiber, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and calcium. Maca tinctures and powders are easy to find on the Internet, if not in your local grocery store. Try it whenever you’re ready to maca some love.