Sexy and Unique Post-Pandemic Date Ideas

Sex Post-Pandemic Date Ideas
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As the pandemic starts to wind down, people are ready to start dating again. And, if you’re like most, you’re pretty sick of going on socially distanced hikes or outdoor coffee dates where you don’t even if know if you’re attracted to the person because you can’t see the bottom of their face. Below are some creative date ideas to look forward to as we leave the pandemic behind us.

Date Ideas: Where to Find Them

Where to find date ideas
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We all just survived a pandemic. So, now isn’t the time to go on dates that are the same as always. Now is the time to go on bucket-list-type dates. We are all keenly aware of how short life can be, so let’s use that knowledge to go on better dates.

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Going to another winery or the same old coffee shop is fine if that’s what you want. But it might be a better idea (or, at least, a more fun idea) to do something where you’ll have fun even if your date doesn’t turn out to be a match.

New Date Ideas

New Date Ideas
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What’s a better way to get to know someone than doing something neither of you has ever done before? Keep in mind that it’s important to select something that you both might enjoy. It can’t just be novel for the sake of novelty.

Go to a thrift store and pick out clothes for each other! If you trust your date, you could raise the stakes by promising to wear the outfits to dinner.

Or, go to a poetry night, hear some local tunes at an open mic night, hit up the local farmers or flea market, or visit the museum you keep putting off. If the music, exhibit, poetry, etc., is bad but you still have a great time, you’ll know you found a catch!

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Sometimes, people never get around to doing the touristy stuff in their own hometown. And that can be an excellent way to do something new with someone new to get a feel for their personality. Look online for historic local places or kitschy tourist traps and find an event to attend. Whether or not the date goes well, you’ll know whether you should recommend the outing to your friends from out of town when they visit.

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Another good idea is to volunteer together. You’ll get a sense of whether your date is genuinely selfless or just going through the motions. Plus, it’s a good icebreaker for finding out if you share the same values.

Nature-Related Date Ideas

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If there are famous state or national parks that you haven’t hiked, now is the time. Add some sexiness to your outing by packing a cute picnic in your backpack, complete with a bottle of wine (if you partake), cheeses, chocolates, and other yummy bites. Grab a sleeping pad, so you both have something comfy to sit on. Park yourselves in front of a beautiful view, and voila! You have romance on your hands.

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It’s a good idea to research the lengths of the hikes and choose a short one if you aren’t sure whether you like your date yet. Nothing is worse than having to spend the whole day with someone who clashes with your personality.

Adventure-Themed Date Ideas

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One sure-fire way to get your heart racing—even if your date is a dud—is to do something that involves adrenaline. Go skydiving, head to a nearby amusement park, hold hands in a haunted house, try an axe-throwing bar, go to a restaurant known for spice and order the hottest thing on the menu, take a surfing or trapeze lesson together—whatever sparks both of your interests!

Post-Pandemic Date Ideas for Long-Term Couples

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It’s been a stressful year. So, if you’ve been together for a while and are looking for something new to do on your next date, why not treat yourself to a spa night? Couples’ massages will have you feeling like your pre-pandemic self in no time.

Date Night Ideas
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You could pretend you’re teenagers again and drive to the local make-out point and do just that. Or, go to a drive-in movie, which is the perfect place to ignore the film and get reacquainted with each other. Other teenage-inspired ideas include going roller skating, visiting an arcade, and walking around the mall and snacking on Dippin’ Dots.

While we’re venturing back in time, consider re-enacting your first date. Taking a stroll down memory lane is bound to be adorable.

First Date Ideas
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Whatever you do, don’t do what you always do. Skip your favorite date night restaurant and movie theater, and get out of your routine. Try a food you’ve never tried, take a dance lesson together, attend a drag brunch or watch a burlesque show, or head to an art gallery for a class. The less familiar you are with what you’re doing, the better. Doing new things together even improves your sex life, according to some studies, likely because doing new things with your partner helps you see them in a new light.

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