How to Treat Your Partner Like Royalty

How You Can Treat Your Partner Like Royalty
Photo by: Valerie Elash

Treating anyone with respect is a minimum for being a decent human being, but most of us want to go a little above and beyond that. Fortunately, there are easy ways to up your game and go from being desirable to irresistible. Here’s how to treat your partner like royalty.

1. Ask How They Want You to Treat Them

The first rule in treating someone well is to understand what they need first. You’re not a mind reader, and everyone likes something different. What one person loves may be a massive irritant to another. Someone may love for you to initiate dates; others may want to initiate it themselves. Miscommunication is easy when you’re guessing based on your personal experience. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. And if you do ask, you’ll show a genuine curiosity and humility that is sexy.

Pro tip: asking goes for everything sexual, too. The more you practice, the less awkward you’ll feel asking instead of assuming.

2. Have Good Manners

Manners are timeless, like martinis, tuxedos, and broken clocks. Many people are under the impression that people prefer partners who are “alpha” or aggressive. But the truth is that if those traits come at the cost of basic manners, many don’t feel the trade-off is worth it. So, be kind to your bartenders and servers, show up on time for dates, be friendly to your partner’s loved ones, and say please and thank you whenever the occasion arises. Remember, good looks only go so far.

3. Make Your Partner Feel Valued

Guide: How to Treat Your Partner Like Royalty
Photo by: Tiago Felipe Ferreira

Everyone loves to feel like an equal partner in their relationship. Take your partner’s opinions seriously, even if they tell you something that is hard to hear. Smart folks can always tell the difference between whether their input is valued or not, so there is no way to fake this one. If you don’t appreciate their feedback, it’s probably time to find another partner.

4. Be Honest

Honesty is the baseline for trust in a relationship. If your behavior doesn’t lend itself toward openness naturally, then be honest about playing the field. Telling the truth to yourself and your partner will make all the difference.

5. Make Them a Priority

How to Treat Your Partner Like Royalty
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Prioritizing someone is a classic way to treat your partner like royalty. Keep the dates you set up, even if something tempting with your friends comes up at the last minute. Set aside time and don’t compromise it. And, when you spend time together, focus every minute on them. Keep your cell phone where it belongs—in your pocket.

6. Write the Important Stuff Down

For next-level dating skills that help you treat your partner like royalty, keep a notebook nearby. That way, when your date mentions that they absolutely hate bell peppers but have always wanted to go skydiving, you can jot it down. Now, you have an idea of how to cook something they won’t hate and a fun date to plan in the future. They will be seriously impressed by how well you pay attention.