Food Tattoo Ideas for Foodies

Food Tattoo Ideas
Photo by: Étienne Beauregard-Riverin

People have so many different personalities, likes and dislikes, wants, needs, and desires because our world is made up of completely unique individuals. And yet, maybe the one thing we can all agree on is that food is good and we love it. You don’t have to be a chef to see the appeal of a food tattoo! Below are some ideas for food tattoos as well as food tattoo inspiration.

Choosing a Food Tattoo

First, remember that if you want to get a food tattoo, you don’t have to simply get your favorite food tattooed on you. A lot of food out there is delicious but not very pretty. Something else to consider is how recognizable it is. Will everyone know that you got a BLT, or will it look like a regular sandwich? Color, detail, and an experienced tattoo artist can all come in handy here and help you accentuate the elements that you’d like to have stand out.

Important moments in our lives often involve food, too. Maybe your favorite memories of your grandparents were the Saturday morning cinnamon roll baking sessions. Or perhaps you have fond recollections of your dad teaching you how to use a grill. Think about your favorite celebrations, and chances are, food played a part.

Puns can make your food tattoo more interesting. You could get a cereal killer tattoo—if you can really go to town on a bowl of Raisin Bran. Or a constant reminder that some things are mint to be, that you work toward peas on earth, or what a souper job you’re doing.

You can also look to pop culture for food inspiration. Maybe you loved Harry Potter and want to get a Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans tattooed on you. Or, perhaps you loved the song “Lemon” by N.E.R.D. and Rihanna. Many forms of art frequently feature food because it has such a significant impact on our lives and holds a place dear to our hearts (and stomachs!).

Lastly, some food is just beautiful. Starfruit, pitaya, artichokes, and intricately folded dumplings are just a few of the foods that are so pretty that they don’t need to have a meaning for you to want them inked on your body.

Food Tattoo Inspiration

An avocado disco ball? It’s a party on your shoulder blade.

This sequence shows the whole life cycle of a tomato—perfect for the gardening enthusiast!


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This colorful, old-school dumpling tattoo is badass.


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A pretty, old-school, strawberry floral piece feels like summer on your arm.


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More Food Tattoo Ideas

A tarot-inspired allium is always a nice touch.


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Teeny tiny carbs for the teeny tiny carb lover inside of us all.

As the saying goes, the couple that gets matching croissant tattoos together stays together.


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Who doesn’t love cake?


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Takeout got all of us through the pandemic, and this blackwork rib piece is a testament to it.


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Next, we have a super realistic strawberry that looks delicious.


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Lastly, this fine line fork and pierogi tattoo is too cute.

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