Bored With Takeout? These Pizza Recipe Ideas Will Get You out of Your Routine

Sure, ads may claim that no one out-pizzas the hut. But if you’re sick of your Friday night takeout, here are some pizza recipe ideas that will shake things up. It may not be more convenient, but making pizza at home is often healthier, cheaper, and more fun than the alternative.

Wake Up Your Appetite with a Breakfast Pizza Recipe

Breakfast Pizza Recipe
Photo by: Amirali Mirhashemian

You don’t have to wait all day for pizza. Why not have some as soon as you get out of bed? Prepping the crust and the toppings the night before can help cut down on the time between your alarm ringing and the pizza entering your mouth, which is crucial. Or, just buy pre-prepped ingredients from your grocery store. This breakfast pizza recipe by Epicurious uses a store-bought crust but adds eggs, cream, spinach, and sausage, so it feels elegant enough for brunch with the gals. Or, go classic with a recipe like this bacon and eggs pizza from Damn Delicious.

Vegetarian Pizza Recipes to Try

Vegetarian Pizza Recipe
Photo by: Ivan Torres

Pizza is so delicious that, more often than not, you won’t even miss the meat. If you want something meaty-tasting, try adding in a substantial topping like mushrooms. This mushroom and goat cheese pizza recipe from Food & Wine fits the bill. Or, double up on the veggie toppings, like in this supremely veggie pizza by Cooking Light.

International Pizza Recipes Are Fun, Too

The pizza equation doesn’t always have to equal crust plus red sauce plus cheese. Consider branching out! Try this Thai chicken pizza from the Food Network—it’s sweet, a little spicy, and heavy on the veggies. The spicy lamb pizza recipe from Epicurious is a bit like lahmacun, a Middle-Eastern style flatbread. Bonus, there’s no cheese called for, so it’s the perfect pizza for anyone who doesn’t get along with dairy. Or, try bulgogi pizza! In Korean, bulgogi means “fire meat,” and it is a style of Korean barbecue. This recipe for bulgogi pizza by My Korean Kitchen will cure your spicy, cheesy, and savory cravings in a heartbeat.

Learn How to Make Fancy Pizza. You Know, for Guests

Pizza Dough Recipe
Photo by: Artur Rutkowski

Sometimes, pizza isn’t a showstopping main course fit for extravagant dinner parties. But, with a little practice, it can be! Try your hand at making pizza dough from scratch with this foolproof recipe from the New York Times.

Next, try some decadent, less common toppings, like in this squash-blossom pizza recipe by Martha Stewart. Or, why not experiment with a surf and turf pizza from Delicious? If sausage and squid aren’t your thing, feel free to substitute something else like grilled steak and shrimp. This scallop and bacon pizza from Food & Wine is sure to impress.

Try Something Pizza-Adjacent

Dessert Pizza Recipe
Photo by: Dilyara Garifullina

If you want pizza but your partner is tired of it, it’s time to get creative. Why not try a recipe for pizza dip? That way, you both get what you want. Or, save pizza for dessert. Try this fancy fruit pizza from Taste of Home that starts with a sugar cookie crust, has a vanilla cream cheese “sauce,” and just gets better from there.