A Quick Look at why Tattooed Women Are So Empowering

Wellington Cunha Pexels

What makes tattooed women so captivating? Tattooed women are empowering, not only by themselves but to those around them. Indeed, these women radiate empowerment through artistic, prominent self-expression of their individual stories. No matter if they’re positive or heartbreaking ones, every tattooed woman has a story to tell. Their enthusiasm in embracing their bodies and challenging previous misconceptions inspires others to do the same. Empowered tattooed women show that every tattoo for women can be beautiful, no matter how big or small, and that each one holds much more meaning than meets the eye. Nevertheless, here are five reasons why tattooed women are so empowering. 

1. They celebrate their bodies

Women have historically been told to cover up, never show skin, and divert attention away from themselves. Today, you see every type of woman with every type of tattoo, from popular and pretty tattoos for women to edgy ones. Moreover, tattooing offers women the opportunity to not only show off their ink but be confident about their bodies. This creates women who empower themselves and other women around them to embrace their individual beauty. Even more, displaying your ink is a way of celebrating what makes your body unique. Being a tattooed woman shows others that you and your body are a piece of art. 

2. They express their individuality 

There is no one type of woman who can get a tattoo. That being said, every woman is different and has a story to tell. Furthermore, you don’t need to search for a generic tattoo for women to find something beautiful and meaningful. The beauty of expression is that every tattooed woman chose their art for a reason, and that reason makes them unique. Even more, the freedom that tattooed women have to express their individuality through art can come in the form of tiny, elegant tattoos, or bold, daring tattoos that cover their whole body. Clearly, tattooed women are empowering in how they embrace who they are. In addition, these women know that their individual stories through ink is a part of them forever. Their dedication to themselves is part of what makes them so inspiring.

3. They challenge the stigma

Some (or many) may argue that being a woman puts you at a disadvantage in life. For example, women fought for their place in equal pay, family planning, and other important issues for years. Tattooed women not only face those challenges but also challenge what people know about the power of a woman. Furthermore, these empowering women don’t allow their art and self-expression to get in the way of building careers and reaching goals. Over the past decade, we have seen female tattoos present in all kinds of professions, from receptions to doctors. Certainly, this freedom of expression in the workplace was unimaginable in the past. Breaking the mold and challenging the stigma of a traditional female creates a web of female empowerment. These strong women don’t let anything get in the way of their dreams.

4. They connect with others 

The tattooed community consists of beautiful people and beautiful art. Moreover, the community of tattooed women constantly empowers each other. For instance, they learn about each other and appreciate each other’s art, whether they have one tattoo or a sleeve. Female empowerment is abundant in the tattooed community. Clearly, the connections formed between tattooists, regulars, future artists, and future clients show us this. Tattooed women connect to empower themselves and others and further build a community of powerful, tattooed women. These connections are how many new artists, models, and hopefuls are discovered. Even more, these connections give us even more empowering role models to look to for inspiration.

5. They create opportunities

Because female tattoos are becoming more and more common, tattooed women create opportunities for themselves to take advantage of their love for tattoos and tattooing. On that same note, tattooed women are empowering because they open the door to a world of opportunities for themselves. From modeling to designing tattoo ideas for women, or running their own tattoo businesses, these women continuously show us that tattooed women are powerful and can make anything happen. Embracing the tattooed community creates a world of options for powerful tattooed women to showcase their skill sets. Thus, they show others what makes them unique, whether that be through inspirational modeling or running their own tattoo empire. 

In short, tattooed women are empowering because they possess the confidence, moxie, and capability to openly express themselves and inspire others. Whether you see a female with two tattoos or 50, you know their ink is meaningful. Furthermore, the opportunity to express that meaning through physical art is priceless. Think about a tattooed woman in your life and what makes them empowering. Remember what makes that woman powerful, unique and special, and you might just find yourself feeling inspired. 

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