The Best Halloween Tattoos for Spooky People

Tattooed Women

October 28, 2021

When you’re fascinated with all things dark, macabre, and spooky, Halloween is more than just pumpkins and candy. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s not limited to October. To honor that...

Sophisticated Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Tattooed Women

September 12, 2021

Getting a tattoo on your shoulder is a popular placement pick, and it’s easy to see why. Shoulders hit the sweet spot of being work-friendly and easy to show off...

Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

Tattooed Women

September 3, 2021

Since ancient times, astrology has been a fun way to look at our personalities and how they intertwine with our birthdates and the positioning of celestial bodies. There’s something romantic...

Neck Tattoos for Women: Are They Still Taboo?

Tattooed Women

August 19, 2021

Even as tattoos generally become more acceptable in society, there are some placements that remain controversial among the more conservative set. The neck is one of those places. But neck...

Pretty Ideas for Hand Tattoos

Tattooed Women

June 15, 2021

Hand tattoos are kind of like getting permanent jewelry. They are pretty, often delicate, and on display for the world, wreaking havoc with everyone’s tattoo envy. If you’re thinking about...

Add a Splash of Color with Watercolor Tattoos

Tattooed Women

May 5, 2021

Watercolor tattoos have become super popular over the last several years, and for a good reason. The style mimics the drips, dabs, and blends of watercolor paints for a surprisingly...